Let’s make this more concrete and assume that the first prize is £400 and the second prize is £200, and that these are the only prizes and this is shared among those in the top places. These figures are not atypical on the English chess scene. Not a lot of money, but enough to give pause for thought for an impecunious chess player. Past midnight I was still blitzing practice openings with Kim, before demanding she watch a GingerGM video about one of my games . Morning brought a phone call which I nearly died trying to get to from the shower – “Yes I am aware there is breakfast, I went yesterday! ” – and another quick coaching session with Hiya. Teenage girls being what they are, the flight wasn’t the quietest, but I was very impressed to see them hack into the airplane’s console and play games against each other while the rest of the plane slept.

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He played some chess in later life, after moving to Hastings. Tunisia, coached by Mehdi Bouaziz, who I played years ago in a Maltese IM norm tournament. The Tunisians were using it as a warm-up for the Olympiad, and would come to play dressed in pyjamas, agree a draw in their games, then go back to bed.

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The following afternoon, Pillsbury took on 23 opponents simultaneously, including Fawcett, of which he won all but one, conceding just a draw. In the evening, Pillsbury took on 14 at chess and 5 at draughts, simultaneously and sans voir, winning them all except for one drawn game of draughts. After the turn of the century, his writing concentrated more on his philosophical ideas.

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Also included is Prayer for Rains and the Brave of Heart by Abu Zafar Obaidullah. The first poem, ‘Chi Chi Chi’ is by Juned reflecting on the damage caused by drug abuse. Banglabanglaenables young people to learn about life in Bangladesh, through information provided by young people with experience of the culture and community. The site’s development, co-ordinated by the Humanities Education Centre in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, UK has involved young people at all stages. BritBanglais a celebration of the achievements of British Bengalis from all over the country.

Somehow Black has fluked a tactic, and, when the king moves, a bishop sac will see a pawn through. She later tells me she was not only in shock, but continued to hold her king because she couldn’t recall which square it was on. Her rictus grip seems to last forever, and I swear into the emptied myriad rows of boards. Khushi finally folds, her longest https://midwestcup.org/ game ever by a wide margin, holding off her opponent rated over 500 points higher for nearly four hours. Kim also concedes, having battled to a rook endgame but playing much better than yesterday. Liv is left, and I wander off to try not to distract her. The position seems winning, her opponent short of time, but there are many paths to examine.

Was a legal assistant in the Land Registry. Chessgames.com has a game he lost to RD Keene in the 1962 London League. Seems to have been an active correspondence player. George Spencer Brown (2 April 1923 – 25 August 2016). Varsity matches 1948, 1949, 1950. Polymath, author of Laws of Form. Described himself as a “mathematician, consulting engineer, psychologist, educational consultant and practitioner, consulting psychotherapist, author, and poet”.

A big-hearted man, to be whose friend was in itself an honour. Our little joys he made his big ones. William Rogers Fisher (24 February 1846, Sydney, Australia – 13 November 1910). Teacher, professor of forestry, author. Rev. Llewellyn Theodore Dodd (4 July 1878 – 3 February 1913). 2nd class, modern history, 1900. “One of the first undergraduates to take an interest in the then newly-established Ruskin Hall.”

Rev. Hugh William Sherrard (7 October 1862 – 6 February 1892). Non-Collegiate, Cambridge. Varsity matches 1883, 1884, 1885. Walter Tyrrell Quin (30 January 1873 – 17 February 1899). Varsity matches 1895, 1896. United Westminster School; Newcastle High School. Read Natural Sciences (2nd, Part 1, 1893; 2nd, Part 2, 1895); B.Sc.

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Joined the numerical analysis group in Dundee University, 1973; professor, 1984. Elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1988, of the Royal Society of London in 2003 and of SIAM in 2009; awarded a Royal Medal by the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2008. Played bridge; also guitar, clarinet and piano. John Bretland Farmer (5 April 1865 – 26 January 1944). Did not play in a Varsity match but took part in the 1887 Oxford Present v Oxford Past match. Botanist; professor of botany, Imperial College, London.