We provide comprehensive checks on individuals and businesses in all 50 US states and territories. Our experienced team of private investigators in Florida are thorough and all our work is guaranteed to be accurate.

Why Choose a private investigator to conduct a background verification

Private investigators have a clear understanding of the way our law enforcement agencies, courts, federal, state and county agencies work. Private investigators who are knowledgeable and experienced, do not rely on public databases as the only source for information.

We utilize a multi-step approach in conducting background verification. We use public and private records and make calls and conduct the necessary field work in order to obtain latest and accurate records based on the needs of our clients.

Looking for Private investigator?

    Our background verification includes but is not limited to:

    • LCivil court records.
    • Employment verification.
    • Motor vehicle records
    • Criminal records 
    • Education verification
    • Financial credit reports
    • Sex offender registry
    • Professional license verification
    • Military records verification
    • Drug screening
    • Address verification and history

    Looking for Background Verification?