About Us

Godrej Investigative Services

Godrej investigative service, is a subsidiary of Godrej Profile Screening, Inc that is licensed, bonded and insured.
Godrej Investigative Services has the right technology and proper state-of-art-tools to perform any type of investigation. Regardless of the kind of information you’re seeking, Godrej Investigative Services has the know how and experience to perform the simplest or most complex investigations. We treat every client the way we would want to be treated — with quality service in a timely fashion, and with the guarantee of confidentiality and privacy.

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    Committed to Diversity

    Many clients picture Investigators/detectives as men wearing trench coats and hats that are pulled down over their eyes, so they are surprised to learn that Godrej Investigative Service employs women investigators and minorities.  In addition to the importance of diversity in the workplace, there are instances in which female private investigators  are especially beneficial.

    Known for litigation support, wrongful death and securities fraud and industrial surveillance,Godrej Investigative Services has been a key force in several national and international cases.

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    Why Choose Godrej Investigate Services?

    We understand that selecting the right investigative company is not easy. However, when you consider our track record, fundamentals, and common sense approach to investigations, and achievements, it’s obvious that we are one of the best private investigative service providers in the USA. At the heart of our operation are the core principles embodied in our mission statement that guide us in everything what we do:
    • Searching, hiring the best-qualified staff and investing in their training and development.
    • Identify individual initiative and achievement while reinforcing our conviction that we provide our services as a team.
    • Continuously investing in systems and equipment consistent with good business practices. 

    We strongly believe that applying these principles help us to achieve our goal to enhance the success of our clients while ensuring our own success.

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